Mineral Gap Data Center — the Ultimate in Secure Healthcare Data Storage

The HIPAA Journal reported another bad year for healthcare data breaches. “As of December 27, 2018, the Department of Health and Human Services’ Office for Civil Rights (OCR) had received notifications of 351 data breaches of 500 or more healthcare records. Those breaches have resulted in the exposure of 13,020,821 healthcare records.” Healthcare continues to remain one of the “most targeted sectors,” when it comes to data security.

With the potential for hacking creating increasing anxiety and uncertainty among healthcare data managers today, DP Facilities understands healthcare data centers’ needs for not only redundancy, but also secure cloud and/or colocation services. Our flagship data center Mineral Gap uses cutting-edge technologies to deliver the security, resilience, and reliability required in data centers that meet or exceed the needs of the healthcare industry.

HITRUST CSF Certified, HIPAA Compliant

Mineral Gap obtained HITRUST Common Security Framework (CSF) certification to offer the healthcare industry its preferred option for protecting sensitive data while complying with HIPAA privacy, security and HITECH regulations. Mineral Gap (BMS, EPMS, SOC, and NOC Systems) meets key regulations and industry-defined requirements, including HIPAA certification – in colocation and hybrid colo for healthcare and appropriately manages risk. This achievement places Mineral Gap in an elite group of organizations worldwide that have earned these certifications. Now healthcare providers seeking a customized solution that matches or exceeds their costlier on-prem data center operations need look no further.

Cloud-Neutral, Yet Cloud-Smart

Our cloud neutrality means that our data center supports various commercial cloud platforms. In addition, we are a cloud-smart data center that can customize popular cloud implementations per your specific requirements.

Only as Safe as the Data Centers Securing It

Whether you’re in a private, public or hybrid cloud, the data that traverses the cloud is only as secure as the data centers that handle it. We meet SSAE 16 and SOC 1 & SOC 2 type standards to minimize risk and exposure of sensitive medical records and healthcare data stored in the cloud. Mineral Gap’s enhanced security also meets stringent U.S. government standards, which surpass those prevalent in the healthcare sector.

Mineral Gap Data Center: Safe. Secure. Reliable. Resilient. Cost-Efficient.

Mineral Gap is a Tier III data center certified for 99.98% availability by Uptime Institute and is 100% U.S. citizen owned and operated. We are located outside the D.C. and NoVa power grids, beyond the blast zone, outside the flood zone, and eligible for priority fueling during disasters. So your healthcare data is always protected against severe man-made calamities and inclement weather conditions.

We not only keep your data safe, but also help keep your operation on-budget. We recognize you face continual budget pressures amid both public and private sector efforts nationwide to contain healthcare costs. Our sophisticated design methodology significantly reduces your capital and operating costs, and we have up to 45 MW of low-cost electricity (6 cents per kWh), and an estimated PUE of 1.2, making our data center an important element in your healthcare cost-containment strategy.


As a healthcare organization — whether a hospital, an HMO, a health insurance provider, or other — wouldn’t you like to do what you do in the best, most efficient manner possible and leave your cloud and data center needs to the professionals? With security you can trust, resilience you can depend on, and value you can measure – let us help you implement a cost-effective data center optimization strategy that will empower you to deliver healthcare services in a more efficient, reliable and secure manner.